Waterproofing for Oriental Pearl Restaurant

Scope of Works:

Complete waterproofing for the music fountain includes the following,

  1. Shotcrete Works for side wall.
  2. Sikacrete 114 & SikaSwell A2010.
  3. Sikadur Combiflex SG & Sika Dilatec Tapes E-220.
  4. PVC waterproofing membrane, Sikaplan WP 1140-20HL.
  5. Polyurea Waterproofing using Sikalastic 841.
  6. Cementitious waterproofing using SikaTop Seal 107 for Overflow.
  7. Sikagard PW & SikaTop Seal 107 for Technical Room.
  8. TPO membrane waterproofing system using Sikaplan WT 4220-15C for walls and floor of water tank.